Brown Fat Facts
The Facts About Brown Adipose Tissue

Locations of Your Brown Fat

The sometimes cold surroundings have always posed a problem to our body. Luckily however, nature has equipped us with brown fat to battle this issue. Brown fat, otherwise known as Brown Adipose Tissue or BAT, helps the body maintain a moderate temperature and can do so for longer periods of time. It burns energy instead of storing reason why it is viewed nowadays as a key to answering the growing problem of obesity among people.

Basic information about the anatomy of the tissue must be known to be able to comprehend its mechanism and location. Brown fats are much vascularized and are made up of cells containing lipids. Furthermore, they are abundant with mitochondria which enable them to generate heat needed by the body.

Scientists found the major locations of BAT in the body through autopsy examinations. Brown Fat Locations In A BabyAxillary or cervical, adrenal or per renal, along the trachea and the arteries, and in the intercostal arteries are some of the most significant brown fat locations throughout the body as seen in the figure to the left.

As can as well be seen in the figure, there are brown fat points found only in babies such as in the area between shoulder blades. Moreover, brown fats situated in the renal and cervical areas make up about half the total weight of babies.

Through autopsy results, several scientists have found out that brown fat continues to exist even after adolescence in numerous locations. Moreover, scientists became aware of the existence of brown fats in adults as it poses a problem during PET scans. Brown fats which are activated shine brightly in PET scans making it difficult for doctors to find what they are looking for.Technicians have come up with several means to cater this problem such as providing patients drugs containing beta-blockers to avoid the activation of brown fat.
Recent studies have determined that for children from ages 0 to ten, brown fat exists in the interscapular or intercostal areas or in the neck as well as in the pericardium, trachea, renal and suprarenal areas. Studies on these locations using subjects aging 50 to 80 years old have learned that brown fats were notable in every location.

Today, it is debated whether brown fat affects people’s energy balance and weight issues particularly obesity. People who suffer from obesity have lesser brown fat compared to lean ones. There have been experiments with rodents as subjects which shown that as reaction to overeating, brown fat gets activated and increases in amount. This mechanism is an apparent compensation to limit obesity or the weight gained in excess.Previous studies have also indicated that the quantity of brown fat in the body decreases with age. This can explain, at some degree, the tendency of older people to gain more weight.

In general, for you to be able to employ brown fat as a healthy means to reduce obesity issues, it is essential that you know the basics about it such as important locations in the body like the areas of the cervix, neck and trachea.

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